Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blogger Burn out....

hi i'm over due for a new post. just haven't been in the mood to sit down and post i guess. since getting back from our trip i haven't accomplished much in the world of scrapbooking, other than an assignment and a few gifts i had to get done. i do have a few layouts to share that i finished ages ago but never posted. they aren't all that great so do expect your jaw to drop....i'll post in a minute.
not much else is going on. school is almost done. june 5. we had a few snow days that we had to make up, which at the time is great but now i'm ready for school to be over. lauren is itching to spend the majority of her time at the pool, which would be fine but kati hates the hot weather so spending hours outdoors with kati isn't going to happen. but she does like going to the pool. she only has one more swimming lesson left before she is done with her lessons. and then lauren will start up again.
soccer season ends pretty soon also. it's just too hot to play outdoors all through the summer. seems like we just started the outdoor league. the days just go by too fast.
i took the girls to shrek 3 on monday. they had fun and the movie was cute. it's just too bad that it cost almost $30 to go to a movie. we don't go that often so it's a nice treat for the girls.
lauren lost her 2nd tooth....(i know this post is exciting!) i had my neighbor connie pull it out. lauren was thrilled when the tooth fairy brought $2 and another letter and a few coloring sheets. i'm so glad she is easy!
so i've probably rambled on enough about random stuff.... here are the layouts i scanner was giving me a hard time again, so i had to take pictures.


laura vegas said...

you're back! lol! i love that soccer layout ... love the journaling on it and the colors! glad to hear you have some things ending for the summer. too bad my girls have year-round school ... and my oldest is still playing soccer all summer (and we get high temps in the 100's and 110's. argh!).

Kim said...

cute layouts! It would be so fun to go watch her play. We are done with school, Thursday was the last day and they are both very happy. They will both start summer school next week. Nothing to tough, basketball, weight training and volleyball. So should be fun stuff to keep them busy. Chat with you soon!

DONNA said...

I guess this would qualify as vacation-lag.......hard to come back to the everyday chores and errands after that fabulous trip.
The weather is kinda draining there too, I bet. How was the wine? Have you tried it?
Did you hear our chickens now lay "kittens"! Wish Lauren could have been the one to find them.....what a hoot that would have been.

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Cute LO's. Summer is here and maybe you'll get to enjoy a few lazy summer days! Hope to see more LO's!!

iralamija said...

beautiful work!!!

Bety :)