Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a Good Week!

it just dawned on me as i sat down to write this's been a good week! {and it's only wednesday!} can it get any better? what makes it such a good week you ask?
* i created a couple of projects for Pink Martini Designs and they loved them and will be recreating them as class kits!
* one of my best friends from high school called me the other night!!! so fun catching up! thanks kari!
* lauren still LOVES school!
* it isn't so stinkin' HOT here anymore...doesn't mean it won't be 99 degrees tomorrow
* tomorrow is my mom's birthday! LOVE her!
* i moved and reorganized my scrap space
* i'm pretty much ready for our subdivisions garage sale in 2 wks
* i sent a little gift to my friend nichole in california...
* amy from pink martini designs shared their 3 new paper lines with me last night. OMG they are fabulous!!! they'll be coming out for memory trends in oct. hopefully we'll get samples to create projects for them before the show! can't wait!
* and finally a trip to target and costco today! i love restocking the cupboards! filling up the cereal containers and straightening the soup cans....i know i's the OCD thing again!
now, if only layle from scenic route would call me tomorrow and invite me to be on their design team! (ha ha...ya, me and the 500+ sb artists!) that would make for a killer week!
hope you're having a good week! hugs!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School Photos

thought i'd share some photos of lauren on her 1st day of school...all went ok. i had my melt down before we left the house and lauren never shed a tear! it was kati who screamed her way down the hall as we left! she wanted to stay and play! geez!when i picked lauren up from school she said, "mom, i love school!"

Today is the Day!

we're all ready!
* outfit picked out and ironed....check
* matching hair ponies picked out....check
* backpack by the door....check
* mom spiffied up the flip flops....check (it's still 90 degrees here, flip flops are a must for lauren when it's 90! her feet would sweat and then she'd be all mad at me cuz i made her wear "normal" shoes!)
* box of kleenex in the car....check
* space on my camera for pictures....check
* battery charged....check
i think we're set! i'll let you know how it goes.....
here are a few albums i made yesterday for a neighbor....she is giving them as gifts.... (the boys name is kai...)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One more day!

til' lauren heads off to kindergarten....i think we're all ready. still have to pick out the outfit and find a paint camera has room for a few new pictures, so we're good to go! oh, and i had better stash a box of kleenex in my car!
i was able to work on a few layouts over the weekend...for the "pooped out" layout i used a lot of supplies from the Jenni Bowlin aug. kit....too cute! i'll never get the hoola hoop one to line up next to eachother but it's pretty obvious they go together! i did that one a few weeks ago...when my niece was staying with us....
have a good day! hugs...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Dance!!!

ok, i feel a little silly about tootin' my own horn...but i'm too stinkin' excited to keep it a secret! amy goldstein from pink martini called me today and invited me to be on their design team! a little excited here! reinventing things is totally my thing....i love doing layouts etc...but embellishing something or creating something other than it's intended use makes me happy! so fun! thanks amy! can't wait to work with the rest of the team!
we're in the middle of a thunderstorm so i had better cut this short....hugs

Thursday, August 17, 2006

trying to fix the link....

Debbie Hodge's blog ok, hopefully this will work? i had trouble w/ blogger yesterday so maybe that is why the link isn't working? if it doesn't work you can google debbie hodge and her blog name is unexpected destination. sorry for the hassle.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Debbie's GoT PhoTos!!!

if you visit Debbie Hodge's blog you'll see some awesome photos from the SBA girls weekend retreat! she has a link off to the right side that is titled SBA girls weekend retreat....check em' out... she did a great job capturing the "other" side of some of the girls! (ps. NO, i did not get up on stage!)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Back from Az...

wow, what a fun weekend! ok, so i have to admit it wasn't all fun and games nor did everything run smoothly 100% of the time....but overall it was a great experience and i met some great people! for instance: Amy Goldstein from Pink Martini...loved her...she has this dry sense of humor, this sarcastic personality....she oozes New York and i love it! Jill Davis from, what a nice/genuine person!! and the rest of her crew was just as nice and down to earth! Michelle Hill from li'l davis...super sweet...leslie the editor from SBA....super sweet and you'd never know it but she's one hell of a singer/dancer! ha ha Kim Kwan & Lindsay Teague were super fun..... on looker Kim Kesti was there....loved her too! so very nice and hard to believe she has 7 kids! she doesn't look a day over 25! hee hee (serious!) and then of course meeting Jenni Bowlin is always a treat! she is one of those people who is so kind and has such a pleasant demeanor....and it's real! but what i think i enjoyed the most was meeting 4 of the other design team members! nichole (my roomate), mandy, debbie and danielle! love these girls! we had a blast together and hopefully we'll keep in touch! i'll share some pictures as soon as i get some...i didn't take very many with my camera but will snag some from nichole!
terry managed the house fairly well while i was gone....the house was still standing and the girls were in one i'm thankful! probably not as clean as i would have liked it to be but he did a good job and i'm certainly not going to nit pick about the clean dishes that had been left in the dishwasher since last wed. or the clean clothes he dumped into a basket to fold, i just rewashed those! no sense in even trying to fold them. bless his heart....he did good!
so i'm in the process of cleaning, doing laundry and getting lauren geared up for kindergarten. she starts on the 23rd! i have a feeling it's not going to be a good day for me! i got teary eyed today just thinking about it! :) but she's excited!
better get back at it....hugs to all!

Monday, August 07, 2006

back to reality!

saying "bye" is always so difficult for me! my sister and her family left early this morning to head back home. i think it's easier to say "bye" if you're leaving from some place else...vs. when someone is leaving your house. you get into the routine of having coffee together in the morning and planning out your day....and then the next day your house feels empty and you're drinking your morning coffee alone. (it doesn't help that my husband is out of town and i'm alone w/ the girls) to put it mildly....saying "bye" just sucks!
but good thing is i have a busy/exciting week ahead of me...
*head to lauren's new school to drop of kindergarten paperwork (can't believe she starts big girl school in 2 weeks!)
*tuesday is highlight day! thank god! i have 2" roots showing on the top of my head!
*pack for my trip to phoenix
* wednesday...leave for the "all girls weekend retreat for SBA"!!! i'm a little nervous about this....1.) i haven't left my girls since they've been born 2.) i'm getting on a plane alone, leaving my family behind 3.) my husband will be running the household for 4 days! ha ha
i know he can do it...he's just never had to....note to self....give him instructions on how to use our washer before leaving! (don't want that to be an excuse for not doing laundry for 4 days!)
my coffee cup is empty...getting back to reality! have a great day!