Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a Good Week!

it just dawned on me as i sat down to write this's been a good week! {and it's only wednesday!} can it get any better? what makes it such a good week you ask?
* i created a couple of projects for Pink Martini Designs and they loved them and will be recreating them as class kits!
* one of my best friends from high school called me the other night!!! so fun catching up! thanks kari!
* lauren still LOVES school!
* it isn't so stinkin' HOT here anymore...doesn't mean it won't be 99 degrees tomorrow
* tomorrow is my mom's birthday! LOVE her!
* i moved and reorganized my scrap space
* i'm pretty much ready for our subdivisions garage sale in 2 wks
* i sent a little gift to my friend nichole in california...
* amy from pink martini designs shared their 3 new paper lines with me last night. OMG they are fabulous!!! they'll be coming out for memory trends in oct. hopefully we'll get samples to create projects for them before the show! can't wait!
* and finally a trip to target and costco today! i love restocking the cupboards! filling up the cereal containers and straightening the soup cans....i know i's the OCD thing again!
now, if only layle from scenic route would call me tomorrow and invite me to be on their design team! (ha ha...ya, me and the 500+ sb artists!) that would make for a killer week!
hope you're having a good week! hugs!

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Kim said...

glad to hear you are having a good week! Sounds like you have gotten a lot accoplished, I wish I could say the same. We are finished with our big projects, so I am happy about that. I'll send some pictures your way, hopefully soon. I tried calling mom right away this morning and the line was busy. I figured it was you and it was. Well better get busy, I won a free coffee today, so I better go pick it up. Needing some more caffeine! Chat with you soon. :)