Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School Photos

thought i'd share some photos of lauren on her 1st day of school...all went ok. i had my melt down before we left the house and lauren never shed a tear! it was kati who screamed her way down the hall as we left! she wanted to stay and play! geez!when i picked lauren up from school she said, "mom, i love school!"


Cari said...

Awww, how sweet! She's such a cutie! Glad that she was ok (sorry you lost it a bit though). Although it's bound to happen to us mothers, right?)
I'll probably do the same in a couple of weeks too.

Kim said...

cute pictures! I can't believe she is already in school. The one with her walking up to the school almost made me cry! But thats just me, I still feel that way when I drop mine off and they are in 8th and 5th!! I guess thats what mothers do, ha ha! Send me a couple of those pictures, the one that she is really posing in, is very cute, very much Lauren!

danielle collins said...

well, she is just a doll, kori! hope you're holding up okay, m'dear! love your hula hoop lo & the gift album is way cool! have a super weekend and stay cool!

Nichol said...

SO cute!
my Payton loves it fact she really isn't ready for "2 days off" as she calls it...the weekend is a drag to her! ha!
love lauren's outfit...great photos!!!

DebbieHodge said...

Oh. Too sweet and . . . yikes . . life changing.

Right now I'm still in NY and seeing Lauren all clean and cute and ready to go, I'm a little nervous about whether I can pull it all together for my boys in one day. Travel home tomorrow. Get Ready. Go. Bet she can't wait for tomorrow. D

ndgrandma said...

Well, grandma is all teary eyed now too. She just can't be that old already.....we just watched her walk for the first time!!
Kori the layouts are adorable and so very you. Got some cute pixs in the mail when I got home, loved Kati's so much....please send me these new ones too.
I will call this, hugs and kisses to all. Grandma