Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little behind....

morning. thought i should get in here and at least post some pictures of Halloween before it's Christmas! time is flying. thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away and 45 days or so before Christmas. what? the weather here has been so nice i've been tempted to hang some x-mas decor outside. it just seems too early but i know it 2 weeks the weather will be much cooler and i won't feel like standing outside to decorate! what to do what to do?
anyway....here are some pictures from our trip back to Missouri for Halloween! we had a great time! kati was a bit under the weather but came around in time to trick-or-treat. we really had a lot of fun seeing everyone. it brought back a lot of great memories and good times! we miss everyone a lot!!! it felt a bit odd sitting in mike and danielle's driveway looking over at our old house knowing we aren't walking home at the end of the night. a bit sad, actually. but things are good now too and we do really like being where we are. just haven't found or connected with friends like we had....i guess what we had was special! :) i think the girls and i will plan a trip back this summer some time, maybe a long weekend. if they'll have us....ha ha

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