Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just checking in...

so december is flying by as usual! i had to force myself to take a photo of the girls in front of the christmas tree (again) because i was just not organized enough to think of something else. so after about 25 shots i finally got this one...hopefully i can get my holiday cards done before we head out on vacation!

with that quickly approaching as well, i really need to get my ducks in a row. we are almost done with our shopping and i have done some baking... so things would appear to be in order. :) i love this time of year but i can't help but think it's almost over! i was in a store the other day and they were condensing the christmas items and breaking out the valentines stuff. i am really looking forward to spending time with family before the holidays. just to relax and enjoy the season, and even some snow! (it's raining here!) yuck!

i went to a candle light advent the other night at the church that we've been attending. it was just for women and each person who was hosting a table was to decorate the table. my friend was actually hosting the table but i did the decorating. i wish now that i had taken photos of our table. i never really think much of the things i do and think why bother with a photo. but it was actually pretty unique compared to the rest of the tables. quick description....i had taken tree branches and spray painted them white (wanted to spray with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter...just never got that far). i had 3 glass hurricanes (all 3 different sizes, the tallest being about 18" tall) i had the branches coming out of 2 of the hurricanes and silver ornaments in the other. from the branches i had silver snowflakes hanging. i had 8 smaller glass votives with glitter in them along with candles. they sat on top of white glittery snowflakes. and a few silver ornaments laying around. each place setting had a silver charger and a dessert plate that was frosty in color but had snowflake shapes all over them that weren't frosty. i made little napkin rings out of resin snowflakes (clear and about 3" in diameter). i strung ribbon though the holes and attached a metal rim tag that was handwritten and said, "joy", "love", "peace" or "hope". and also attached was a silver bell. probably pretty hard to imagine it all but it was pretty darn cute, if i do say so myself. :) ha ha

i took a few photos of kati the other day. she wanted to get dressed up so i thought i would jump at the chance to take some "pretty" pictures of her. (not necessarily her personality but she thought she was a "snow princess". ) the expression on her face cracks me up!

anyway, if you don't hear from me again until after the holidays...merry christmas everyone and a happy new year to all! with much love.....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Shoot Etc...

hi! thought i'd take a break from baking cookies and post a quick note. i took some holiday photos for someone last cute is this little play house! it couldn't have been more appropriate for the photos! i posted quite a few. i had them in a slide show but the slide made all of the photos blurry so this is a lengthy post. but the shoot was a blast and the kids (2 sisters, a cousin and a dog) were so much fun. very cooperative, they didn't get mad at me when i kept taking photos, they smiled nice. i didn't get "that's enough pictures mom, put the camera down now!" it was just nice. (only a few of the photos are edited w/ some color changes so far etc. )
not much else is new. we're getting ready to head home for the holidays. looking forward to that! we have a girl watching our house and kitty for us, so i feel ok about leaving. we're almost done buying gifts. just have a few left for our girls.
anyway, i had better finish my cookies and get kati out of the tub. she wasn't feeling well last night, ended up getting sick on my living room carpet! oh, i can't wait for the day that she can actually hit the inside of the bucket! so i spent the rest of the evening cleaning my carpet and cleaning up my messy kitchen from trying to bake cookies. fun times! (and yes, i stopped baking cookies after this event took place and i washed my hands. ha ha)