Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Stuff....

so once again several days have gone by since i have last posted! no big surprise there. just a few things to report....
* my father-in-law had open heart surgery today. thank goodness everything went just fine and he's now in ICU for a bit and then will spend just a few days in the hospital. i realize he still has a ways to go until he is completely recovered but it's just such a relief that he is out of surgery and he's on the road to recovery.
* thanks for the anniversary congrats and the e-mails.... our anniversary was very nice. we couldn't actually celebrate on our anniversary but terry took me out for a nice dinner followed by a cardinals game (they lost). he also came home with a huge bouquet of flowers and a card with some cash-o-la. which i am saving most of so i can buy some new clothes once i lose a little more weight!
* the girls are doing good. school is going great for both of them.
* i haven't scrapped or created a darn thing in ages. i did buy a crappy little chair from a thrift store that was painted red, white and blue and had sponge painted stars all over it. i am in the process of painting that black. it looks like an old chair with the rounded back and spindles. i thought it would be fun to use in pictures. i'd love to find a wheat field or something and use the chair in the middle of the field and take photos of the girls. lots of things to contend with though. sun, shadows, bugs, the girls and the fact that i would be in the middle of someones field. ha ha so we'll see if that ever happens. if nothing else i thought the chair would be cute on my front step with a vignette of pumpkins, leaves etc.....
* it's finally cooling off here. it was 90 just yesterday. i'm so over the heat! i'm ready for sweaters and hoodies!
* we're invited to an 80's party in a few weeks. not quite sure what we're going as yet....i'm thinking i'll do the flashdance ensemble. leg warmers are coming back baby! terry was afraid that i was going to parade around in a leotard. ha ha ah, no! i'll do the big sweatshirt and belt it, with the neckline ripped. wear some leg warmers.... i told terry he should go as vanilla ice. or mc hammer. too funny! this should be fun!
* no big plans for the wk. end. some soccer practice, a game and 2 b-day parties. that's about it.
anyway i had better run. take care....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9 Years Today!

today we have been married 9 years! we actually started dating when we were 18 and 19 so we've been together for almost 19 years. i'm not sure how those years went by so fast but it doesn't seem possible. happy anniversary sweatheart!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


we've almost made it through another week! this one was a busy one!
kati started preschool on tuesday. the first day was great. i guess there were a few times that she wanted me or wanted to go home but she made it through the day and had fun. friday was a different story. we watched lauren get on the bus and that alone was enough to bring kati to tears. she wanted her sister! so i thought being as she was going to school that day as well she would be ok. well, she told me she didn't want to go to school. so we get there and she was fine, she had actually changed her mind.....up until it was time for me to leave. she got a little teary eyed which of course brought tears to my eyes....but the teachers got her involved in a craft with a few other kids and she was fine. she has made a few little friends already. when we were in the parking lot on friday she was saying bye to samuel....when we got into the car she said, "i love samuel."
oh brother!
lauren is doing great in school! so far we've received nothing but good reports from her teacher! she also started brownie scouts this week, which she is so excited about. lauren is such a social butterfly, she loves being with friends. so this is right up her alley! she was in daisy scouts last year but there were so many she didn't really know. she hasn't had soccer all week due to rain. so that has actually been a nice break. but we still had gymnastics on thursdays and have a few make up days next week. so we'll be on the go again next week.
as for terry....he took his gmat test the other day. the test to get his MBA. apparently the 2 degrees he currently has aren't enough for him! :) he passed the test (of course) and will start the program soon.
as for me....i continue to work out 4-5 times a week. i really enjoy going to the gym. kati loves it too. she has made several little friends in the play area and the people who work there get a bang out of her. unfortunately, i didn't make it back onto the creative xpress design team this year. i was sad at first but realized it's probably for the best. i just wasn't able to be as active in the online community as i should have been. my priorities have just changed and my heart wasn't really in it anymore. i loved creating the 2 projects every month but even that was getting to be a bother. so anyway....that chapter is closed maybe another one will open....
i had better run but here are a few of my favorite photos from the photo shoot i did a few weeks back.....

love the piggies!

we're off to a 40th surprise party tonight! looking forward to a night out! have a great wk. end!