Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back from Vacation....

hey there!....just thought i'd pop in and say hi! i'm a little short on time as we just got back last night and i am still trying to finish up the laundry, and clean our house (i know, we were on vacation and i cleaned before we left so how could my house be dirty? not sure but it is....
we had a really nice vacation. it was a busy one but we were able to see a lot of people and do a lot of fun things. but after being gone for 15 days i think we were all glad to get home.
i need to cut this short but will be back another day to post some pictures i have promised to post and some details of our vacation.
glad to be back!

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Here....

i'm such a bad blogger. or maybe i'm just too busy? busy doing what, i don't know? the days just seem to fly by. it's hard to believe summer is 1/2 over!

anyway, my august issue of CK arrived in the mail yesterday. so excited to see this little number in it....the article is about using shapes. i love the pictures of the girls. that was my first time being published in CK... i just noticed something though. if you look at my layout here and compare it to the one in the magazine my paper buttons are moved. huh? wonder if they fell off or someone thought they looked better w/ only 2 and in the center vs. off to the side. i'm all about balance and for some reason the one in the mag. looks goofy now. oh well. i guess no one would have noticed had i not said something. :)
hope everyone had a nice 4th of july. we spent the evening at a neighbors eating and shooting off fireworks, oh and sweating! geez, the humidity was terrible.
work outs are going good. it's been almost 3 weeks since i started. i wish my energy level would increase. ha! but otherwise i'm feeling good. workouts are getting easier and i'm not sore all of the time. so that's a good sign. my clothes are fitting better or i should say more loose. which is a good thing but may result in the need of a new wardrobe! (or at least that is my goal) and yes, i made sure to let my dear hubby know this also! ha ha
need to run...have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Checking In...

hey there....figured i needed to post real quick. it's been a while.
some fun stuff....i got an e-mail from laura yesterday congratulating me for having a layout in the august issue. huh, i had no idea! :) they had asked for this layout a long time ago, so i sent it to them....thinking it was supposed to be in the top 10 issue a while back. i kept looking for the layout and even though i had already been compensated i had given up on seeing the layout in print. so my first time being published with ck and i didn't know it. ha ha more scrap related news. i got an e-mail the other day to do 2 layouts for Making Memories magazine for an article that will be in the jan. 08 issue. i'm done with one and almost finished with the second. it's such an honor (at least for me) when someone asks me to do work for them. i'm tickled and appreciate the opportunity! so thank you!
it's been almost 2 weeks now since i joined the gym. i'm still going strong. i did take the weekend off but i feel guilty for doing so. not sure if that is a good thing. i tend to put too much pressure on myself to do all of these things. i almost set myself up to fail. but i really enjoy going and even though i have only lost 2 lbs. my body feels stronger and firmer already. (don't get me wrong, i still have a ways to go!)
big date night tomorrow. terry got the two of us cardinal tickets. so we have a sitter and plan to head down to the game a little early. take in some dinner etc.
i haven't been to the new stadium yet so i'm looking forward to going. i'm not a huge die hard but it will be fun anyway.
sorry for rambling....i need to head out. the church where lauren and kati had vbs this past week is having a big party in their parking lot this morning. big blow up bouncy house we had better run. have a good week!