Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in the Saddle again....

or so i'm's been a crazy busy month for us and i'm relieved to say september is just around the corner. i never thought that i would say i was anxious to see summer come to an end. i guess the 105 degree temps. might have something to do with it. we got a break from the heat by going to chicago and lake geneva this past weekend for a family retreat hosted by the company my husband works for. we had a great time. it was nice to finally meet some of the people i have been hearing about for a few years now. the resort we stayed at was amazing...evidently it used to be the old playboy mansion. this was the view from our room. it was so pretty and peaceful.

i'm getting ahead of myself with events....after getting off of the plane we headed to downtown chicago, on a friday afternoon mind-you. i'm so thankful terry is a good driver and knows his way around chicago. he had promised the girls we would take them to the american girls store before heading to the resort. i wasn't quite sure what we were getting ourselves into but we only lasted 45 minutes. 3 floors of elbow to elbow girls and parents and a few "brothers" who were less than enthused to be there! the girls each got to pick out a doll and an extra outfit and a t-shirt. everyone is equiped and happy!
i'm looking forward to getting back to our everyday normal lives. albeit sometimes hectic but nothing like the travel and running we've done this past month. my mom and sister came down to pick up my niece the week prior to our chicago trip. this was my mom's first time to st. louis. (my dad stayed back home as their selling their house) i think she had a good time although she doesn't do well in the humidity. but then again, who does?

i had promised in an earlier post that i would share the center piece i had made for the baby shower we (my bunco group) had for a friend of ours.... it ended up being several pieces instead of just the one. i had 3 white buckets already so i used one for the main center piece and the other 2 for little goodies. i hand painted the buckets with polkadots. the tray was a plain wood tray from michaels that i painted. i thought that would make for a cute piece on a little girls dresser along with the topiary i made. so here is a picture....

i just used a styrafoam ball and added the flowers using brads or pins. the butterflies are either my own or i also traced a few from a pattern of marth stewarts. the topiary has several butterflies on it. and no i did not make the cake. a lady in the area who has been making cakes for several years made it. it was delicious!
one more thing before i go....i have a friend in alaska who i have been meaning to mention because i think she does amazing work....she has a etsy shop and is selling some of the items that she makes. she's been sewing purses and aprons and recently little cute handbags. love these.... check her out....i'm going to have her make the girls and myself matching aprons! lauren has an apron and loves to wear it when she cooks with me but kati still needs one. so i thought matching ones would be cute! here is her link: michelle baker's etsy shop
well, it's back to the gym tomorrow! yahoo. thank goodness! i'm not looking forward to being sore all over again but the signs of not working out for a month is starting to show!
i've probably rambled enough....i'm just glad to be back!

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laura vegas said...

glad to have you back kori! love the party decorations ... all those white flowers look so pretty on there with the cutesy centers!

and you're so good wanting to hit the gym already. lol! after all that traveling and busyness ... all i'd want to do is sit on the couch! lol!