Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

lauren is so excited about it being valentines day today although, she is pretty bummed that she has a snow day! (can you imagine....i did backflips when they called school off!) we had a little winter storm that blew through yesterday. i usually watch the national news in the morning so i missed out on the school cancelations yesterday. so i bundle the girls up and we head to school. i guess my first clue should have been that i could barely see in front of me....i got to the school, which is only about a mile from our house (thank god) and there were all of 3 cars in the parking lot.... when i grew up in north dakota they hardly ever called school off. it had to be pretty major. school closures were even less when we lived in alaska! we just aren't prepared down here i guess.
any big plans for v-day? terry is coming home today after being in vegas. ya, i was painfully shoveling our large driveway while he was in vegas. :) doesn't sound like he had much time to play though....(i do have to say that a neighbor drove by on his 4-wheeler w/ a blade and cleared the other 1/2 of my driveway in about 5 min.!!! he saved me!)
not sure what our plans are for the day. probably take the girls out for dinner and maybe let them pick out a little something. terry is probably the most difficult person for me to shop for....he buys what he needs or it's just too darn expensive for me to even consider (on my budget, ya know) so i had a little photo shoot of the girls one day....always an adventure! i managed to get a few good shots so i blew up some pictures of them and framed them for his office or wherever he wants to put them. he's also getting a book..."for men only" by shaunti and jeff feldhahn.....a straight forward guide to the inner lives of women! a while back i had bought myself the women's version, "for women only." it was a very good book and something i should probably read again and maybe again! so here is the photo of lauren....i'm having trouble loading the one of kati....i had to crop the photos and edited them from color to b/w etc....
ok, so i can't get my layout or photo of kati to load....i'll try another post. the picture is too cute not to share. :) it's a typical kati....
hugs and smootches......have a good day!


Kim said...

Very nice, I'm sure Terry will love the picture. Its a very nice gift! Happy Valentines Day!

Cari said...

Hope you manage to enjoy your snow day!
Man! Sometimes I wish they did that here! But no way! People still get around all the time here.

Anonymous said...

Guchii watch $300
Ralph Lauren tie $150
Pictures of your adorable angels.. PRICELESS!

They are adorable and grandma can't wait to get them in the mail! So..Katie! Lauren as always is so beautiful.

Have an evening full of hugs and kisses and quiet time
Did the v cards make it for the girls?

laura vegas said...

hope your snow day was fun! i guess that's one thing about living in cali ... never get those unexpected days off school. lol! maybe we could start getting some when we have the summer highs of 115 degrees like last year!