Monday, November 06, 2006

Someone was watching over us!

i got a phone call yesterday from my mom....i had just talked to her the day before so whenever i hear her voice on the phone and i had just spoken with her, it scares me a little. i usually get this feeling that something is wrong. she wanted to let me know what had happened to my dad....(heart skips a beat)...he had been working in his garage/workshop as he usually does when out of no where a bullet comes flying through the wall just above his window. it made a hole through the wall and traveled through the garage knocking a bunch of stuff off of the refrigerator. he couldn't figure out what was going on as it made this huge cracking noise. he said his first reaction was to just hit the floor...he laid there for a few minutes and then got up and looked around to see what in the heck had just happened. he noticed the hole in the garage and figured it was a bullet. my dad makes guns as a hobby, repairs them for people he knows a lot about guns to say the least. he's been an outdoorsman all his life....BUT apparently the dipshits who were hunting across the road aren't aware of a few rules....1. ya don't shoot your friggin' gun towards HOMES, where people actually live. 2.just because you see a deer doesn't me you just shoot at it without thinking, "where will that bullet land if i happen to miss that deer? hmmm 3. when confronted about what had just happened ya don't laugh and make up excuses! this was a group of men (older), one of which is a neighbor of my dad and moms....the guy who actually shot the gun was very apologetic but his neighbor was the one who laughed it off. my dad told him he didn't think this was funny as he could have been going to his funeral this week! he stopped laughing. i can't stop thinking about this and the thought of what could have happened if my dad had been using his drill press or another saw that was in the path of that bullet. makes me sick. i have never had a problem with guns (when used for hunting or by the police)...but when a gun is put in the hands of someone who is careless& just down right stupid everything changes.... i can't help but to think someone was watching over my dad and our family that day.....

i'll post a project and some layouts a bit later....had to get this off my chest first :) have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow!! I hate reading this when it's about people I actually know and am related too!! Thank God your dad is ok.

Oh, and congrats on the job.

Just wanted you to know I'm still "eavesdropping" - it's nice to be able to find out what's happening with you guys without waiting for the elusive email!! HA!!

Love ya!
Your Washington Cousin,

Anonymous said...

Your Dad has an angel for sure Kori. This new gun zone for rifle hunting is nuts, just nuts. I hope he called the sheriff so that it could be reported and hopefully they will change that PDQ. Terry and I talked about it and I know that he was shook up from it. I think your folks should move into town for the time being

Cari said...

Oh my goodness Kori!!!
That's soooo scary!!!! How could they just laugh about it?? That's just awful and completly ignorant!!

I am SO glad that your dad is ok though. I hope those men change their gun "habits" now.

Shirls said...

thank goodness your dad is ok! i hope those men learnt their lessons and it will NEVER happen again.

Nichol said...

oh man.
I am SO glad your dad is ok and I definately agree the HE was looking out for him.
we have some $$$$%#@%S around here too...driving through my dad's fields (without permission), knocking down morons. I could go on ALL day about these dodos.

Michelle B said...

Whew, I'm glad to hear your dad is alright after such a close call.

Now...where are those layouts? ;)

Amber said...

Gosh, Kori, thats scary! Glad he's ok though! God's definately looking out for him! I hope that we get to see the LO soon!!

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