Tuesday, May 09, 2006


soooo? whatcha' think? it's only 1/2 done...terry wants me to paint the window wall and the small wall behind the staircase. we're planning on getting different furniture for this living room but haven't found any yet and who knows if it will really happen. it looks really good in real life. or i guess that's just my opinion. my neighbors like it but you never know if their just being nice? in the back of their mind their really thinking, "holy crap, what were they thinking?" ha i ran out of paint, which is fine with me. so until i get more we'll live with the 2 walls being painted. i have some big projects coming in the mail so i'll be busy with those for a while.
a few of us from the creative xpress team had assignments last month using the new Cricut machine...we were given the green light to post those layouts in our galleries. here are 2 of mine...EVERYTHING you see on the layouts were created using this handy dandy machine. their amazing! it's like having instant embellishments at the push of a button! i need one! my favorite features of the machine are...
* the ability to cut your shapes/letters from 1"-5.5"
* i love how it has different settings to cut silhouettes or solid shapes/letters. like the flowers you see on my layout of lauren or the circles i have cut on my dad's layout.
* the cricut is super easy to operate!
for the layout of my dad i cut the tags (2 different sizes), #1, Dad, &, Papa and the circles all from the cricut. the word "papa" i used the "charm" feature. that creates a small loop at the top of each letter giving you the ability to adhere the letter by using a brad. so cute!
how cute would it be to cut out 5.5" flowers and use them as wall decor in the girls rooms. the possibilities are endless and just having this nifty machine sitting here at my disposal has been a real treat! i'm going to hate to send it back! if you're thinking of getting one, don't hesitate! i've never been one to have a lot of fussy tools or gadgets but this machine is so versatile it makes all of those other gadgets obsolete!


Kim said...

First of all, LOVE the paint job!!! Of course you know me, love those darker colors! I think it will look great with the other 2 walls painted also! The room is certainly big enough and you have lots of light, so it will look very nice.

Very cute layouts! I really like how they turned out! I bet that is a nifty little machine, how costly is it?

Mimi said...

First time with this...but had to comment on the paint! LOVE IT! Love the dark color, very rich and cozy. How about a tone down of brown on the other 2 walls...? Just something to throw out, but I'm sure the same will look great on the other walls as well.

Cari said...

I love it!!! Love that color too!!! What color is it exactly (I mean name and brand. LOL!)
I don't think it looks like you ran out of paint! LOL! In fact it's the feature wall, right? But the other gals that commented had great suggestions too. (even a slightly different shade might be nice).
Love your layouts too. That cricut looks like so much fun. I just saw one at Micheals yesterday. On sale for $349 (canadian).

Have a wonderful day!

mil said...

ok, thought I had to have that machine but after reading Cari's note maybe not. I guess if you did as much scapbooking as you it would be pretty neat. Grandma isn't that talented or would know how to use it.
I just love the livingroom Kori. It is so striking and very homey feeling too. The clock is perfect for over the fireplace. Is that the one we got when I was there?
Bet Lauren is sad about school being done....will send email later.

Kristy said...

Oh Kori! I think your room looks wonderful! I'm sooooooooooooo ready for a place to call our own that we can paint whatever color we want!!!!

Love your Cricut projects....as all of your projects you do!

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