Saturday, December 08, 2012

So Close....I Can Taste It!

Hey!  It's been a while since I've posted...thought I should check in and show the progress.  The last time I posted it was Thanksgiving weekend and the floors were being done.  I neglected to post photos of the floors!  We love how they turned out!  "Coffee" color was definitely the way to go! (Although, in the pictures the floors look kind of light....they're actually much darker than they appear in the photos, not sure why?)    So, fast forward a week-and-a-half....the appliances were installed this week along with the plumber showing up to install our toilet/sink and all of the other goodies.  There are still a few things that need to be tweaked... but I'm just happy things are finally coming together and the end is in site!

we were going to use this glass tile throughout the entire backsplash but once the granite
was installed we decided it would be too busy with the smaller pieces of glass/stone
next to the granite w/ the smaller flecks.  so we're going to use this as an accent
behind the range and use a natural stone subway tile as the main tile.  
microwave drawer.  i had my reservations about the drawer, just because you have to
push a button and wait for it to open rather than grab a handle or push a button and
have it pop open.  but i have used it a few times now and i love it so far!!!


beverage fridge.  someone from the manufacturer has to come out and adjust the doors.

 the fridge (our new table and chairs in the background...although we only have 2 of the 6 chairs)

sink.... of course the handle of the faucet is defective and leaks
when you turn on the water.  so now we wait for a part or a new faucet all together!

comes w/ a cutting board, garbage tray and then the bowls for your chopped goods.  below the sink there is a
storage tray for all of the equipment so it doesn't sit in the sink all of the time.  (obviously)

the only thing that went back into the 1/2 bath was the toilet (but the handle is new. ha!)
they broke our sink when they were taking it out so we picked out this one as a replacement.
i picked up a new light, faucet and mirror.

I made grill cheese sandwiches on the griddle!   We can't use the hood yet so I don't dare make anything
that might smoke.  ha!  But I'm making a Chicken Pot pie tomorrow!  
So there ya have it!  Almost done.  But seems like we still have so many little things to fix or touch up!
Being as the painting crew we had in here was AWFUL, I refused to have them back in to do touch ups or to finish caulking the base trim I am doing that all myself.  Very time consuming but I have to say I have done a much better job!  :)  The next few days are full of people coming and going....including a cleaning crew!  Thank goodness!   I'm hosting a holiday work get together the following week so we need to be done!   It's hard to believe Christmas is just 17 days away!  Yikes~