Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Fresh Start...

To say it's been awhile since I have posted on my blog is an understatement!   I had considered starting over from scratch but just familiarizing myself with the new functions & layouts etc...was difficult enough.  I'm not as tech savvy as I would like to be!   But... I recently decided I would give it another go.

What got me thinking about re-entering the blog world is our upcoming kitchen renovation!  I am an AVID blog reader and the majority of the blogs I read are those who have been through renovations.  I figured if I enjoyed reading and seeing the transformations, maybe someone would enjoy peeking at ours too!
The demo begins October 2nd.  We're working with a builder out of Algonquin also newly located in Lake Zurich (ICON).  It's been a long process as we started in April.  Drawing up the plans, changing the plans 4 times, moving this & that, trying to find more reasonably priced items etc...  The entire project should take 2 months.  Which for as much work as they'll be doing, seems reasonable.  We'll see how I feel in a month or so!   Here are some before photos:

desk & pantry

we will have a range on the back wall, where the fridge is now vs. the cook top on the island.
the island will also be one long straight island

looking from 1/2 bath~ office to left~pantry to right

into dining room
 The photo above is looking into our dining room.  The current space isn't very functional.  Very small and feels very closed in.  So if we don't run into anything major in the walls, we are going to open up the doorway, losing the desk.  I'm a little bummed about getting rid of the desk but quite honestly it's just a dumping zone for everyones junk!   The fridge will be relocated to the right of the desk.  (all new stainless appliances)  I'll be posting all of our appliances on Craig's List.

front door~just to right is a formal living room or better known as our "empty room"
to the left of the door is the dining room

big pantry~soon will have a wine fridge/cabinets etc...

this closet will go away to make room for butlers pantry
The flooring is going hardwood.  I can't stand the tile that is everywhere on the main floor!  And the cabinets will be a creamy white.  So, there you have it for now...I'll keep you posted as we get the ball rolling!