Tuesday, January 12, 2010


happy new year! a few weeks in!

starting things off a bit rough! both girls have been sick this week. caught some stomach bug that's going around. it went from one kid to the next and back again. i have both of them home today but i think tomorrow they'll be good to go.

so i'm posting from my new little mac book pro i got for my b-day...i'm still learning how to use it but it sure is fun! i tell you this because i am going to
try and post some photos...just to see if i can. :) here goes:

ok, think i got it. piece of cake! next, master the video! (the flower photos are from a bouquet terry gave me for our anniversary) (the old wheel was taken in downtown St. Charles, Mo)
not much else is new. my mom is on the mend. she's doing pretty good. still struggling with her blood pressure and getting things regulated back to normal. gosh, it's been since november. she still hasn't been home since her surgery. i can imagine she is just so ready to be home!
not much else to chat about so i had better check out for now....hugs