Sunday, September 28, 2008

4 months later.....

i'm pretty sure i have lost all fellow followers by now. ha ha even family members gave up on my ability to keep my blog updated. life just seems to keep us busy and i guess the last thing to go by the way side, is my blog. so to try and catch you up to date...
* busy summer.... lots of activities and family trips. we traveled back to nd for my grandmas funeral. (sigh) had the girls involved in vbs (3 of them). swimming lessons, a cooking class and gymnastics. we also managed to throw in a family wk. end getaway to a tree house... nestled in the tree tops along a river. (very fun wk. end) and then for me there was the 1st of many golf lessons to come. terry bought me a pair of clubs a few months back but i have only taken one lesson but really enjoyed it. school started in august and just 2 weeks later we took our family vacation to san diego for 7 days! what an amazing place! we just celebrated our 10 yr. anniversary last week. can't believe it's been 10 years already. we can actually celebrate a 20 year milestone, as we dated for 10 years prior to getting married! so in a nutshell that was our summer and now we're here. almost october! i've had a few photo shoots with some neighborhood friends (their children) and have a few more lined up so i figured i had better update my blog with a few new photos. looks like i need to clean up my blog too.....i haven't designed for a scrapbook co. for a year now.....need to get those links off, huh. i haven't created a single page in almost a year as well. i have so many photos to go through it seems so daunting at this point. so anyway, check back soon and maybe i'll have a new post! :)
here are some favorite photos from our trip to San Diego:

LaJolla! so pretty!

lauren is feeding the seal...see the fish?

i updated my flikr photo box to the right also. i added some of the photos from my recent shoots.